TribeDAO, Rari Capital Fuse Market Hack

Total lost in hack
Total claims paid
3 days
Avg. wait time for payout

Like most hacks, it happened early in the morning and was over almost as quickly as it began. On 30 April 2022, an attacker stole more than $80m from the Rari Capital Fuse market–a permissionless lending protocol that was governed by TribeDAO members.

In the aftermath, the people who lost crypto assets faced uncertainty and doubt that they’d ever see their funds again. In May, the Tribe team created a proposal to discuss reimbursing the people, institutional funds, and DAOs affected by the hack. While an initial vote passed in May to fully reimburse all those who lost funds, the reimbursement was voted down in another governance vote in June.

This wasn’t a concern for those who held Rari Capital Protocol Cover. Nexus Mutual members who lost money in the hack filed claims and provided proof of loss. Claims assessors reviewed each claim, verified the total loss, and voted to approve $5.08m in claims.

Those without protection weren’t as lucky. Babylon Finance, a protocol that suffered substantial losses due to the hack, ceased operations while waiting for action from TribeDAO. After many months and a series of governance proposals and votes, TribeDAO members voted to reimburse those affected by the Fuse hack.

In September 2022, TribeDAO reimbursed $39.29m to the people and organizations that lost crypto assets in the hack. During that six-month period, crypto prices declined significantly, with Ether (ETH) dropping by nearly 53%. 

Nexus Mutual members received a payout in a matter of days after filing their claims. No delay, no bureaucracy. Just comprehensive cover, timely claims processing, and peace of mind when you need it most.