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Cover products

Protocol Cover

Protect your assets deposited in a single protocol against a range of loss events, including hacks, exploits, oracle price manipulation, economic design failure, and governance attacks.

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ETH Staking Cover

Acting as a validator operator can be lucrative, yet downtime can lead to losses. Secure your validators with the only cover that protects against penalties and missed rewards.

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Yield Token Cover

Yield tokens offer enticing rewards but expose you to multiple layers of risk. Protect yourself without losing out on attractive yield opportunities.

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Custody Cover

Custodians lack transparency and expose your assets to unknown risks. Protect yourself in case the custodian is hacked or withdrawals are halted for more than 90 days.

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Trusted by industry-leading organisations

“Nexus Mutual’s bespoke slashing coverage for Liquid Collective is fully scalable coverage that dynamically adjusts with the protocol’s assets on platform and is available for all participants of the protocol, no matter where they may custody.”

Matt Leisinger
Co-Founder & CEO

"We partnered with Nexus Mutual to offer end-to-end protocol cover on user deposits. This enabled us to onboard new users to DeFi looking for risk-adjusted yield. We believe active risk mitigation is key for wider DeFi adoption and were impressed with Nexus Mutual’s team and process."

Jeremiah Smith
Founder at Gelt

"We've developed a protocol risk rating system and a key component of that is sourcing insurance. Risk management is a key piece of money management and the ability to source protection from Nexus has been instrumental in scaling up and managing our trading positions."

Re7 Capital

Support for Institutions

Our team is here to help you protect from risk and tailor a specific solution for your needs.

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