Timeline for remaining Nexus Mutual V2 upgrades


Timeline for remaining Nexus Mutual V2 upgrades

The final stages of the Nexus Mutual V2 upgrade will take place over the next two weeks. Ahead of these upgrades, we wanted to provide members with the timeline for the remaining stages.

Stage 2: Deploying Nexus Mutual V2 smart contracts

The engineering team will begin deploying the V2 smart contracts on Monday (27 February). You can review the smart contracts in the Nexus Mutual GitHub under the Nexus-V2 branch.

When Stage 2 begins, claims filing will be paused, which means no new claims can be filed until the remaining stages are completed.

Claims filing will be paused starting on Monday (27 February).

Anyone who does not file a claim before Monday will be able to file their claim after V2 has launched.

Stage 2 will be completed from Monday (27 February) through Sunday (5 March).

Stage 3: Upgrading the Nexus Mutual user interface (UI), migrating from V1 to V2 smart contracts

Once the V2 smart contracts are deployed, the engineering team will update the UI and migrate the smart contracts from V1 to V2. During this three-day window of scheduled downtime, members will not be able to interact with the smart contracts or access the UI.

Stage 3 will be completed between Monday (6 March) and Friday (10 March).

Nexus Mutual V2 launch

Once the remaining stages are completed, we will announce the launch of Nexus Mutual V2.

As each stage is finished, we will share updates on Discord, Twitter, and Lens.

Look for further announcements from the DAO Community team in the next week.