Scheduled Downtime for Remaining Nexus Mutual V2 Upgrades


Scheduled Downtime for Remaining Nexus Mutual V2 Upgrades

Starting on Thursday (9 March), the Nexus Mutual user interface (UI) will be unavailable until the Nexus Mutual V2 launch is complete. The engineering team will be upgrading the smart contracts on Thursday via on-chain governance.

This scheduled downtime is necessary for the engineering team to complete the final upgrades and update the UI ahead of the Nexus Mutual V2 launch.

Timeline for Nexus Mutual V2 Launch

The remaining upgrades will take place from Thursday (9 March) until early next week. When all upgrades have been completed, the DAO Communications team will announce the launch of Nexus Mutual V2 across the mutual's social media channels.

Until launch, members will not be able to access the UI, which means members will be unavailable to buy cover, file claims, withdraw rewards, etc.

Nexus Mutual V2

Learn more about some of the changes coming to covers and risk assessment when Nexus Mutual V2 launches.