Same mission. Same dedicated team. New brand.


Same mission. Same dedicated team. New brand.

As we approach the Nexus Mutual V2 launch, we wanted to incorporate all the elements that define Nexus Mutual into one cohesive brand–one that reflects the vision, mission, and values that have guided our members since the very beginning.


Since our founder, Hugh, first envisioned ​​a future with greater trust and protection for underserved communities, the guiding mission at Nexus Mutual has been to build an ecosystem in which anyone can protect anyone else by sharing risk. 

At first this wasn’t technically possible, but over the past five years our team, community and products have grown. Our members have built this solid foundation centred around our core values. That progress has brought us to the upcoming launch of Nexus Mutual V2 - the protocol and ecosystem that underpins the future of decentralised insurance (alternatives). 


Our old logo was much loved, especially by those with an original Nexus Mutual fidget spinner; however the rigid lines, sharp angles and closed dots didn’t reflect the values and open nature of our protocol and community - so it needed a refresh. We want our new brand to feel more human and relatable so we've embraced a softer, more natural look that reflects our values and mission.

Visuals, assets and colours

Beyond the new logo we now have a full suite of brand assets with colours, fonts, key visuals, and templates which are dynamic and can be used across a whole range of media and merch. You can find our brand kit here

New website, who dis?

The Nexus Mutual website has been in need of an update since about 2018. We have used our new visual brand to showcase our vision and mission for Nexus Mutual V2 through the redesign. 

From humble beginnings
To proven, groundbreaking risk marketplace 

Our new website reflects who we are and what we value; it sets Nexus Mutual V2 apart from the small, little known start-up offering ‘smart contract cover’ in V1, to the industry leading protocol where anyone can join and get protected, or build a business on top and earn rewards. 

It’s got all the information potential members and partners need to understand who we are and what we do, plus a blog so we can host our own content and write more about crypto and real-world risk, building a DAO, and our ecosystem. 

At Nexus Mutual, we believe that an alternative to insurance should be everything traditional insurance is not — collaborative, fair and for the people. We’re excited to share this next chapter because it’s a huge milestone towards achieving our mission, and we can now do that with a united and recognisable visual brand to support our proven identity as the industry leading experts in risk.

Anyone should be able to protect anyone else by sharing risk, and be fairly rewarded for it. 

This is the first launch leading up to the release of Nexus Mutual V2 protocol. Stay tuned…