Nexus Mutual Expands Cover Capacity in the UK with On-Chain Capital


Nexus Mutual Expands Cover Capacity in the UK with On-Chain Capital

Nexus Mutual is proud to announce their strategic partnership with InShare, a specialist in alternative risk transfer and mutuals. InShare, acting as a representative for a membership organization of independent retail businesses, is working with Nexus Mutual to expand capacity and cover more than 5,000 small independent business owners in the UK.

With this partnership, Nexus Mutual becomes the first to use on-chain capital to cover excess losses for a traditional discretionary mutual. In traditional markets, there is a severe shortage of capital to offset various underwriting risks. By working with Nexus Mutual, InShare can support their client and protect more retail businesses across the UK against small business risks such as fire, theft and accidental damage.

InShare purchased excess of loss and aggregate stop loss cover, which allows their client to pass risk onto Nexus Mutual's $274M capital pool.

“InShare understands the tremendous potential that accessing alternative risk transfer capacity holds for our Alternative Risk Transfer and SMART Structure operations, which ultimately benefit our valued customers. Being a progressive and forward-looking company, we are committed to continuously exploring innovative approaches that elevate our offerings and the overall customer experience. Embracing this opportunity allows us to diversify risk exposure more effectively and unlock new possibilities in products and services. Through our partnership with Nexus Mutual, we can bolster our commitment to ensuring that our customers receive unparalleled coverage options that align with their evolving needs.”
- Graeme Thurgood, Chief Underwriting Officer of InShare

With the launch of the Nexus Mutual V2 protocol in March 2023, Nexus Mutual now provides the necessary infrastructure to deploy more than $274M of crypto capital into traditional insurance markets and expand cover for real world use cases.

"There's significant demand to bridge crypto capital into traditional financial markets, where it can have a genuine positive impact. Through our partnership with InShare, we are expanding protection across the UK and backing real world risks faced by everyday people. Nexus Mutual can help traditional insurance markets solve supply-side issues and expand capacity where it's needed most."
- Hugh Karp, Founder of Nexus Mutual

Discretionary mutuals interested in offsetting risk and expanding capacity can reach out to the Nexus Mutual team.

For more information, read CoinDesk's news coverage of the Nexus Mutual x InShare partnership.

About InShare 

InShare takes pride in its expertise in "SMART Structures," an innovative approach to crafting Alternative Risk Transfer and (re)Insurance Programmes that cater to businesses and risks underserved by conventional insurance markets. With a keen focus on meeting the unique needs of diverse industries, InShare's SMART Structures bridge the gap between standard insurance products and the specialized risk exposures faced by clients. To learn more about InShare, please visit our website at

About Nexus Mutual

Nexus Mutual is the leading provider of crypto protection. Since 2019, Nexus Mutual has protected $4.4B of crypto assets and paid out more than $17M in claims to people who suffered losses. Nexus Mutual is the trusted partner for institutional clients, family offices, and crypto protocols that seek protection. Our team consists of members who have backgrounds in traditional insurance, finance, and cyber security. To learn more about Nexus Mutual, please visit our website at