Introducing the New & Improved Buy Cover UI


Introducing the New & Improved Buy Cover UI

Earlier today, we launched an updated Buy Cover experience in the Nexus Mutual user interface (UI). For the last six months, the Foundation Engineering team has worked to improve the Buy Cover interface in the Nexus Mutual UI to provide members with a simple, intuitive journey from the landing page to their cover purchase.

Let's explore the new look and feel of the upgraded UI, as well as some of the new features.

New Look, Improved Load Times

The new layout for the Browse Products page in the Nexus Mutual UI

When this redesign project started, the team wanted to provide members with:

  • A smoother flow through the cover buying process
  • Added features to improve the overall experience
  • Faster load times in the UI

Through under-the-hood improvements and a complete UI redesign with the help of Ultim Studio, the Foundation Engineering team has shipped the updated UI, which drastically improves load times for users and eliminates past friction points from the user journey.

Browse Products Page Improvements

The Engineering team collaborated with Ultim Studio to redesign the Browse Products page based on feedback from our existing users. In the redesign, the team simplified the view and improved transparency on pricing and capacity for individual cover products.

In the new Buy Cover UI, members will see more information on the Browse Products page, including the:

  • Price range for each cover product based on the price set by staking pool managers
  • Available capacity for each product in ETH and DAI terms

Because Nexus Mutual is an on-chain marketplace for risk, the long-time cover buyers we spoke with shared that it would be beneficial to include the price ranges for each product based on the pricing set by staking pool managers. That feedback was incorporated into the updated design.

Buy Cover Page Improvements

The new layout for the Buy Cover page in the Nexus Mutual UI

When you're on the Buy Cover page, you can now clearly see the maximum available capacity in the Cover Details section. The Cover Period field now allows you to enter your desired Cover Amount and adjust the number of days you would like to purchase cover for using the slider, which will update the quoted Cover Fee and update the max. available capacity based on your chosen cover period.

If you enter a Cover Amount or select a longer Cover Period and you see the "Not enough capacity available" message, you're now able to select Request Capacity directly in the UI and then fill out and submit your request, which will be directed to the Mutual's staking pool managers, who can open up additional capacity.

Once more capacity is available, you'll receive an email letting you know that you can proceed with your cover purchase. This is one of several updates we'll be able to provide members with through our new notifications system.

The new Request Capacity feature in the Buy Cover UI

Email Notifications Feature

During the UI redesign project, the Engineering team has also implemented a notifications system that will be rolled out in stages. The first round of notifications will provide people who hold cover with reminders seven (7) days before their cover is set to expire, so they can plan to renew their cover, if needed. These notifications will be sent via email to the email address you used when you first registered as a Nexus Mutual member.

In the near future, we'll also introduce email notifications to let new members know when their membership has been approved; when their NXM staking positions are set to expire and can be extended; and when their claim has been approved and their payment can be redeemed.

If there are other notifications you'd like us to add, please reach out to the DAO Community team on Discord and let us know.

Reporting Issues with the New Cover Buy UI

While the Nexus Mutual team has conducted extensive internal testing on the new Cover Buy UI, we know that any new release may have issues that surface in the first few weeks. If you are using the new Cover Buy UI and experience any issues, please reach out to the DAO Community team on Discord or reach out to us through the Contact Form on the Nexus Mutual website

We'll work to troubleshoot and resolve any issues as soon as we can.