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Comprehensive Cover

Superior protection for a range of risks, designed to bring you peace of mind.

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Protocol Cover

Protect against failures in an individual protocol.

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ETH Slashing Cover

Protect your ETH validators against penalties and missed rewards.

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Yield Token Cover

Protect your interest-bearing tokens against depegging events.

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Custody Cover

Protect against losses on a centralised exchange.

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D&O Cover

Coming soon...

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Real World Risk

Coming soon...

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Nexus Mutual enables members to share risks. A real member-powered crypto insurance alternative.
Experts manage pooled capital, underwrite risk, and provide cover within a globally accessible risk marketplace.

How risk is shared through Nexus Mutual

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Cover buyers

Members can buy cover products to protect against any of the supported risks. Cover capacity is sourced from one or more staking pools.
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Staking pools

Risk is assessed and managed in individual staking pools. Members with risk and pricing expertise can create a staking pool, manage staked NXM, underwrite risk, and earn a fee.
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NXM stakers

Members can delegate their staked NXM, provide underwriting liquidity to risk experts, and earn rewards when members buy cover.


Security of the Nexus Mutual protocol is our highest priority, which is why our code has been reviewed by industry-leading auditors. Our team works with Immunefi to manage a bug bounty program, which incentivises responsible vulnerability disclosures.

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