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Protect against losses

Scalable coverage per validator, and claims paid in ETH.

Competitive pricing

Protection against slashing priced at a fraction of staking yields.

Boost user adoption

Built-in protection gives new users confidence to stake.

Unrivaled protection that pays when you need it most.

Battle-tested and transparent claim assessment process.

Nexus Mutual is the leading provider of crypto protection. We've earned our members' trust by paying out more than $18M in claims when covered members have lost funds. Claim assessors review a claim’s validity and vote on the outcome, with decisions made within 3 to 6 days, after which time claim payments can be redeemed.


Total lost in hack


Total claims paid

3 days

Average payout time

TribeDAO, Rari Capital Fuse Market Hack

30 April 2022

A flaw in the Rari Capital code led to an $80m loss. People who protected their crypto with Protocol Cover received payouts just days after filing.

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Total lost in failure


Total claims paid

2.5 days

Average payout time

Perpetual Protocol v1 economic loss event

May 2022

Extreme volatility caused major price deviations in Perpetual Protocol v1 markets and liquidation mechanisms failed, which created losses exceeding $5.7m due to economic design failure. Claims Assessors reviewed, approved, and paid all claims within days.

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Total lost in exploit


Total claims paid

2.5 days

Average payout time

CREAM V1 Economic Exploit

27 October 2021

After CREAM Finance, a DeFi lending protocol, was hacked for $130m, Nexus Mutual members voted to approve and pay claims. Members who purchased CREAM Protocol Cover were made whole in a matter of days.

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Superior protection available for growing and established DeFi protocols

Trusted by leading staking operators

Nexus Mutual’s bespoke slashing coverage for Liquid Collective is fully scalable coverage that dynamically adjusts with the protocol’s assets on platform and is available for all participants of the protocol, no matter where they may custody.

Matt Leisinger - Co-Founder & CPO

At Chorus One, security holds the utmost importance as we deeply value the trust and peace of mind it brings to institutional clients. As responsible node operators, we prioritise establishing a solid foundation of trust with our investors, ensuring the safety of their assets. Through our partnership with Nexus Mutual, we aim to offer comprehensive protection against potential asset loss arising from staking penalties.

Vic Kaul, Head of Business Development

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